stick [stik]
[ME stikke < OE sticca, akin to Du stek, ON stik < IE base * steig-, a point > STAKE, Frank * stakka, Gr stigma, L instigare, INSTIGATE]
1. a long, usually slender piece of wood; specif.,
a) a twig or small branch broken off or cut off, esp. a dead and dry one
b) a tree branch of any size, used for fuel, etc.
c) a long, slender, and usually tapering piece of wood shaped for a specific purpose, as a wand, staff, club, baton, cane, rod, etc.
2. a stalk, as of celery
3. something shaped like a stick; sticklike piece [a stick of chewing gum]
4. a separate item; article [every stick of furniture]
5. an implement used for striking a ball, puck, etc. [a hockey stick]
6. something made of sticks, as a racing hurdle
7. a sticking, as with a pointed weapon; stab
8. anything, as a threat, used in compelling another
9. short for STICK SHIFT
10. a number of bombs, parachutists, etc. dropped from the air in such a way as to fall in a line across a target area
11. Archaic a stoppage, delay, or obstacle
12. Informal a dull, stupid, or spiritless person
13. Slang a marijuana cigarette
14. Aeron. JOYSTICK (sense 1)
15. Naut. a mast or a part of a mast
16. Printing a composing stick or its contents
stuck or, for vt. 9, sticked, sticking [combination of ME steken, to prick, fasten (< OE stecan) & ME stikien < OE stician, to stick, stab, prick: both akin to the n.]
1. to pierce or puncture, as with a pointed instrument
2. to kill by piercing; stab
3. to pierce something with (a knife, pin, etc.)
4. to thrust or push (in, into, out, etc.) [to stick one's finger into a hole]
5. to set with piercing objects [a cushion stuck with pins]
a) to fasten or attach as by gluing, pinning, etc. [to stick a poster on a wall]
b) to decorate with things fastened in this way
c) to transfix or impale
d) to impale (insect specimens, etc.), as on a pin, and mount for exhibit
7. to obstruct, entangle, bog down, etc.; also, to detain, delay, etc.: usually used in the passive [the wheels were stuck; we were stuck in town]
8. [< STICK the n.]
a) to prop (a vine, etc.) with a stick or sticks
b) Printing to set type in a composing stick
9. Informal to place; put; set
10. Informal to make sticky by smearing
11. Informal to puzzle; baffle [to be stuck by a question]
12. Slang
a) to make pay, often exorbitantly
b) to impose a disagreeable task, burden, expense, etc. upon
c) to cheat or defraud
13. [Informal, Chiefly Brit.] to endure or tolerate
1. to be or remain fixed or embedded by a pointed end, as a nail, etc.
2. to be or remain attached by adhesion; adhere; cleave
a) to remain in the same place; stay; abide [they stick at home]
b) to remain fixed in the memory
c) to remain in effect [to make the charges stick]
4. to remain in close association; be fixed; cling [friends stick together; the nickname stuck]
5. to keep close [to stick to a trail]
6. to persevere; persist [to stick at a job]
7. to remain firm and resolute; endure [they stuck through thick and thin]
8. to become fixed, blocked, lodged, etc. as by an obstacle; specif.,
a) to become embedded and immovable [a shoe stuck in the mud]
b) to become unworkable; jam [the gears stuck]
c) to become stopped or delayed; come to a standstill [a bill stuck in committee]
9. to be puzzled
10. to be reluctant; hesitate; scruple [a person who will stick at nothing]
11. to protrude, project, or extend (out, up, through, etc.)
☆ on the stick
Slang alert, efficient, etc.
stick around
Slang to stay near at hand; not go away
stick by or stick to
to remain faithful or loyal to
stick it out
Slang to carry on or endure something until it is ended
stick it to someone Slang
to harshly criticize, punish, or retaliate against someone
☆ stick to someone's ribs
to be nourishing and satisfying: said of food
stick up
Slang to commit armed robbery upon
stick up for
Informal to support; uphold; defend
☆ the sticks
Informal the rural districts; hinterland
SYN.- STICK is the simple, general term here, implying attachment by gluing or fastening together in any way, by close association, etc. [to stick a stamp on a letter, to stick to a subject ]; ADHERE implies firm attachment and, of persons, denotes voluntary allegiance or devotion as to an idea, cause, or leader [to adhere to a policy ]; COHERE implies such close sticking together of parts as to form a single mass [glue made the particles of sawdust cohere]; CLING implies attachment by embracing, entwining, or grasping with the arms, tendrils, etc. [a vine clinging to the trellis ]; CLEAVE2 is a poetic or lofty term implying a very close, firm attachment [my tongue cleaved to the roof of my mouth; Ruth cleaved to Naomi ] –ANT. PART2, DETACH, SEPARATE

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